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Electrostatic Chuck Overview:

Electrogrip ElectroStatic Chucks (ESCs) grip semiconductor and other micropatterned substrates for patterning, temperature control, and robotics. Electrogrip ESCs are highly plasma-resistant and yleld low added particle counts on substrate rearsides. Plasma cleaning of chuck surfaces, long service life, reliable grip and release, grip strength independent of wafer type or dielectric layers, and low device damage are all features of Electrogrip ESCs. Various surface treatments enable chuck design to be tailored to user needs, meeting performance and budget constraints in custom designs. Electrogrip also provides retrofit kits for standard OEM chambers, enabling performance enhancement and a ready source of new chucks for these systems.

ESCs grip using electrostatic forces on substrate rears, and do not contact the top sides of substrates, thus protecting delicate nanostructured top surface patterns. Our ESCs process ...

Typical radio-frequency plasma etch or deposition ESC construction is as follows:

ESC construction

Temperature control generally requires a backfill gas.

Rf bias may be required to etch or deposit on the substrate surface.

Extreme temperature ranges may be required for process control.

Extreme surface flatness may be required for focus accuracy.

Substrates are generally held in vacuum using bipolar chuck electrodes.

Some cases are well-served with oscillating multipole chuck electrodes if complex substrates or gases are present.

Special applications for Electrogrip ESCs include