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The DR5 system comprises:

The DR5A can communicate using its

DR5A cabinet views

The High Voltage DR5V module comes in two basic forms;


DR5V basic high voltage module,

DR5/DR6V basic module


The DR5 multidrop system accepts other modules in parallel with the DR5V ...

For example, the DR5P yields 4 additional high voltage channels,

for 6-output, 3-phase +/-6kV ac chuck drive with palm-sized electronics:

3 phase 6 output plus and minus 6kV ac waveforms

The DR5P also has a multichannel analog and digital GPIO,

enabling sensors and actuators at the chuck head.


The DR5M is a servomotor drive, shown below; requiring a DR5S power supply.

DR5M servomotor drive

All of these modules communicate over the same coaxial power line

through a coupling antenna to the DR5A base station,

which can deliver up to 75W for a usable 50W of power at the isolated chuck head.


Download the DR5 Manual.

Download the DR5 Communications Protocol.