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The DR6 system employs a DR6A 'base station' which connects between the

machine host computer and a DR6V high voltage module.

DR6 overview of connections

The DR6A can communicate in various modes:

fully digital serial or parallel port ...

DR6 serial connections

... Or in analog emulation mode to provide 'plug and play' replacement

for existing electrostatic chuck power supplies;

DR6A parallel emulation connections

The High Voltage DR6V module comes in three forms:

High current output;

DR6V high current

DR6VI rf-isolated, including telemetry of plasma bias voltage

and rf peak-to-peak voltage (independent of rf frequency);

DR6VI picture

Or, the DR6V basic high voltage module, roughly palm-sized;

DR5/DR6V basic module

All DR6 units deliver current readouts with 1nA precision and up to 3mA full scale.

Wafer sensing is precise and stable, permitting analysis of grip status;

DR6VI sensing during grip and release graph

Download the DR6 Manual.