About ElectroGrip

Since 1985 Electrogrip has provided more than 10,000 patented grip products to the

  1. semiconductor,
  2. flat panel display,
  3. ink jet printing, and
  4. hard disk drive industries.

Vertical integration of all critical operations yields

  1. rapid, economical turnaround with
  2. high quality control standards.

Onsite chuck and process qualification is quickly completed with our

  1. full suite of radio-frequency test chambers,
  2. surface particle scanning,
  3. surface profiling,
  4. backpressure and life testing,
  5. cleanroom packaging, and
  6. SEM/EDX analysis tools.

Electrogrip's diamond and laser CNC machines have also been used to

  1. generate,
  2. lightweight,
  3. laser-mark, and
  4. segment optics to 2m diameter for EUV (Extreme UltraViolet) and telescope applications.

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