NASA Optics

The James Webb Space Telescope is now orbiting the Sun and Electrogrip has helped make its mirrors and its infrared optical sensors. Electrogrip’s custom chip processing chambers and fine diamond and laser machining capabilities were used in the Webb Telescope’s construction.

James Webb Space Telescope Image

This telescope orbits the Sun, further from Earth than the Moon.

James Webb Space Telescope launch and orbit paths

Electrogrip's diamond and laser machining had already been developed to process

electrostatic chucks in the hardest materials to micron- and nanometer- level precision.

This capability was used by NASA for the JWST.

Machining mirror segments at Electrogrip

Electrogrip's machining methods were found by NASA to exhibit almost

unmeasurable edge distortion on the precision optical mirror segments needed for JWST testing.

Electrogrip generated the rough meniscus shape from a large ZerodurĀ® blank,

then applied laser fiducial marks, and segmented the polished meniscus into hexagonal shapes.

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