DR6 Inductive Power Transfer System

DR6 overview of connections

The DR6 system employs a DR6A 'base station' which connects between the

  • machine host computer and a DR6V high voltage module.
DR6 serial connections

The DR6A can communicate in various modes:

  • fully digital serial or parallel port ...
DR6A parallel emulation connections

... Or in analog emulation mode to provide 'plug and play' replacement

  • for existing electrostatic chuck power supplies;
DR6V high current

The High Voltage DR6V module comes in three forms:

  • High current output;
DR6VI picture

DR6VI rf-isolated, including telemetry of plasma bias voltage

  • and rf peak-to-peak voltage (independent of rf frequency);
DR5/DR6V basic module

Or, the DR6V basic high voltage module, roughly palm-sized;

DR6VI sensing during grip and release graph

All DR6 units deliver current readouts with 1nA precision and up to 3mA full scale.

Wafer sensing is precise and stable, permitting analysis of grip status;

Download the DR6 Manual

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