Electrostatic Chuck Accessories

High voltage ceramic feed pins;

contact pins, ceramic insulated

Wiring harness and sockets for chuck power;

CP series chuck high voltage connection cable

Chuck Surround 99.5% Alumina Rings;

Alumina Chuck Surround Ring for 100mm dia. wafers Alumina Chuck Surround for 150mm wafers Alumina Chuck Surround for 200mm wafers

Guard Rings for the CP125, CP200, and CP300 sizes;

Guard Ring Set for CP125, CP200, and CP300 series

Ceramic rf break and vacuum seal ring;

Ceramic Seal and rf-isolation ring for CP series

Tension Rings for rf-isolated service base attachment;

Tension rings for rf-isolated service base attachment

High voltage DR5VI /DR6VI connector plugs;

CP series chuck connect plugs for DR5VI, DR6VI, or BD3

CP changeover tool set;

Shipping and storage case;

CP125 and CP200 carry and storage case

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