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GFC case photo

Gas Flow Control

Electrogrip provides high performance gas flow controllers, and system solutions permitting easy integration of chucks in systems:

Electrogrip's GFC Gas Flow Controllers yield self-calibrated, wide-range gas control in a compact, low-cost package. Our GFC constantly monitors gas flow rate using fundamental principles of gas dynamics, so needs no calibration even at the lowest flow levels, where regular "MFC" flow controllers exhibit large zero- drift errors.

GFC construction

Electrogrip's GFC-2 flow controller replaces standard MFC's and features:

  • wide range from 0.05sccm to 3slm
  • gas-independent self-calibration during operation
  • negligible zero-level drift;
  • autocalibration and accuracy are independent of line fouling, inlet pressure, etc.
  • low-flow version controls 0.05sccm through 3sccm He to permit rapid chuck backfill; and yields
  • fine control at the actual chuck leakage rate, typically 0.05-0.1sccm
GC3 front panel

Electrostatic chuck system controller

The GC-3 system controller permits an existing system to

  • accept a retrofit electrostatic chuck,
  • require only one input signal to drive
  • a flow controller and gas valves to perform gas backfill and purge,
  • turn the DR4/DR5/DR6 grip command on and off,
  • drive a motor to raise and lower wafers, and
  • run process with the required gas, rf, etc.

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