High Voltage Power Supplies

Compact, High Performance High Voltage Power Supplies from Electrogrip ...

Electrogrip's electrostatic chuck (ESC) power supplies are bipolar high voltage power supplies which deliver both low (+/-200V) and high (up to +/-7kV) voltage multipole power to monopolar, bipolar, quadrupolar, and six-pole electrostatic chucks. These power supplies have internal electronic polarity switching that eliminates relay reliability problems, as well as delivering adaptive grip and release for reliable and consistent operation even with varying chuck and substrate properties.

The Electrogrip DR4 power supply uses direct cable connections to electrostatic chucks through a BD3 rf filter for radio-frequency etch and deposition processes...

The Electrogrip DR5, DR6 and DR7 electrostatic chuck power supplies do not require a direct connection to the chuck; instead they consist of a 'base station' A unit, which telemeters power and signals through a power coupler to a 'remote' V unit placed at the chuck. The V unit delivers high voltage power upon command, while measuring voltages, currents, temperature, rf peak-to-peak voltage, plasma dc bias, and wafer sense level, and then telemeters this data back to the A base station.

Thus the ESC may be at any voltage - 30kV in a retarding-field electron microscope - 6kV rf plus dc in a plasma system - 100kV in an ion implanter - in a robot linkage arm - and be easily powered and controlled without any high voltage, tangling, or complex filter wiring in between.

We offer Direct or Remote connection for Electrogrip high voltage ElectroStatic Chuck (ESC) power supplies, as shown below. Our ESC power supplies drive ESC electrodes to firmly hold delicate semiconductor wafers and other micropatterned substrates during processing. These ESC power supplies provide tightly controlled waveforms to yield a reliable initial grip, then a secure hold during processing, followed by a reliable adaptive release to assure clean handoff to robot end effectors.

Below is shown the Direct connection method using the Electrogrip DR4 and BD3, in an rf plasma application...

DR4 direct power

Direct Connection requires high voltage interconnection cables, and BD3 rf filtering to isolate the DR4 high voltage power supply from high voltage rf plasma power. The BD3 is available to filter up to two rf frequencies, permitting use of different-frequency rf power supplies for top ICP/Triode plasma, and target bias plasma.

The Remote connection method, used in the Electrogrip DR5, DR6 and DR7 series, is shown below, again for an rf plasma.

Remote connection offers tolerance of a wide range of rf frequencies without special filters being required.

Remote connection isolates the ESC and its high voltage power supply at elevated or pulsing e-beam or ion implant potentials.

Robotic linkages can also benefit from wiring constraint freedom; no slip rings or twisted wires going to a high voltage electrostatic end effector ...

Remote ESC powering

The 'x' in the above figure can be 5, 6, or 7 for the Electrogrip power supply series.

The DR6 / DR7 series yields

  • unparallelled output power and wafer position sensing precision;
  • bipolar drive of all output wires, able to power chucks with 1, 2, 4, or 6 electrodes with any desired programmed waveform;
  • each output wire can deliver up to +/- 6kV with current measurement from 5nA to 3mA with 1nA resolution;
  • extensive control and telemetry options, and
  • simple retrofit into existing systems
  • ... for upgraded grip and release performance.

The DR5 series is our original compact high voltage system and has similar voltage ratings as the DR6 but with lower output current capability;

The DR5, DR6, and DR7 series are all multidropped with a wide variety of accessory modules for

  • multipole output,
  • rf isolation from 100kHz - 60MHz when embedded in DRxVI module cases, for rf plasma applications,
  • motor drive, and
  • sensor arrays.

Power Couplers connect DR5 / DR6 / DR7 control electronics to isolated chucks, sensors, and actuators

Our legacy DR4 (requiring a BD3 for rf filtering) is still supported.

  • It has economically delivered reliable high voltage drive for >20 years.

All of these systems provide:

  • up to +/- 6kV continuous service,
  • bipolar (and some 6-pole, 3-phase) all solid-state output drive on all output channels;
  • substrate position sensing for reliable grip performance feedback;
  • voltage and current monitoring with high resolution;
  • various programmable adaptive and preset grip and release waveforms;
  • ... for maximum performance and minimum downtime.

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