Mobile Electrostatic Chuck Charging Station

Mobile ESC Charging Station -

  • for Electrostatic Wafer Carriers in Process Chambers
  • Do you need to process WAFER FRAGMENTS / INDIVIDUAL DIE?
  • ... Charge a mobile carrier wafer to grip a process wafer or wafer portions,
  • then put the wafer sandwich through process steps requiring carrier wafer support
  • 150mm wafer system shown below ...

Electrogrip's products also allow users to mount their wafers or wafer fragments onto a Mobile Electrostatic Chuck wafer, which is charged and discharged in our MESC station.

This wafer sandwich can then be moved through process steps before discharge releases this delicate thinned wafer or wafer fragment to its end-of-line processing. Uses for this system include inkjet printer devices, compound semiconductors for infrared detectors and radio-frequency transistors, and VCSEL vertical cavity surface emitting laser wafers.

Electrogrip's electrostatic chuck (ESC) power supplies are bipolar high voltage power supplies which deliver both low (+/-200V) and high (up to +/-7kV) voltage multipole power to monopolar, bipolar, quadrupolar, and six-pole electrostatic chucks. These power supplies have internal electronic polarity switching that eliminates relay reliability problems, as well as delivering adaptive grip and release for reliable and consistent operation even with varying chuck and substrate properties.

Handles bipolar or monopolar wafer carriers, notched or flatted ...

Other wafer size systems are also available.

Electrogrip's MESC Mobile ESC Charging Station Features ...

  • Vacuum clamping and surround to hold bubble formation to a minimum
  • Adjustable system parameters permits use of different carriers
  • Wafer clamp sensing to monitor clamp effectiveness
  • Grip process can be set for Bipolar or Monopolar carrier wafers
  • System datalogging output
  • Dry vacuum pumps included in the enclosure; requires only mains ac or 24Vdc power
  • Release process removes wafer from carrier after process step completion
  • Dual clamp rings handle carrier wafers with contact and pumping perforations
  • Actuator and Sensor control screen permits actuator overrides and system test
  • Datalog Outputs; electrode voltages, currents, sense level, vacuum pressures, date, time in spreadsheet format

  • For more information; see the MESC Operation Manual

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